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Causes a specific atmosphere in this photograph

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This direction of light is frequently used as a visual rhetorical device to generate a frightening even horrifying image. Anyone can think of the effect that lighting a face with a flashlight placed directly from below generates and that is what illuminators and cinematographers know when they illuminate a scene in this way. Just take a look at classic horror cinema with films from German expressionism or the classic monster genre from Universal Studios in.

The lower light generates an effect exploited by this pictorialist e-commerce photo editing photographer Robert Demachy The lower light generates an atmosphere that this pictorialist photographer takes advantage of  In black and white photography the original color of light cannot be seen but it is an essential part. Depending on the wavelength of the light it will have a specific color because light consists of color. The light with a very warm color cast yellow. Light can have a specific color cast. For example the light of a candle is very yellow in the case of a fluorescent lamp the result will be greenish.

Sometimes the coloration is very subtle but in gas sources as is the case with luminaires used in street lighting the dominant color can be very aggressive. Although the impact of the color of light is relative in monochrome photography when it is done in color it is of great importance. The main impact of the color of light is more in the connotative psychological although the denotative is also important the objective color that dominates in the scene. In any case coloration has a cultural psychological and emotional impact.


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