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【Tips andTricks for Beginners】 Judge the Direction of Enemies by Sound

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The Landlord
In Rules of Survival, a lot ofplayers who are not particularly clear about how to identity the direction ofthe sounds from footsteps.
Whileto provide convenience to the players who likely to play game with the soundoff, Rules of Survival has the function of sound indicator which will appear atthe HUD (Head Up Display) (or rider bar) on the top of the screen.

A little fixed triangle icon is showing in the HUD (or rider bar)over the top of the screen which indicate the right ahead of you. If you swipescreen to left and right, the numbers that indicate the directions under thetriangle icon will slide as well.

1.When the enemies make sound, ifthe enemies are locating near the player, the sign of the sounds will appearright below the HUD (rider bar). The sign is initially yellow and will grows asthe enemies who make the sound step closing to the player.

2.This sign icon will grow as theenemies approaching. When the icon reaches maximum size, it will turn red.

Atthis time, the sign is warning that you are in danger, just slow down, squat, hitthe deck or lie down, keep calm as well.

1.Icon of footstep

2.Icon of gunshot

3. Icon of sounds from vehicles

You can determine/identify the location ofthe sounds by check the location of the sound sign icon, or swipe the screen torotate the direction to make the sign locate in the center of the HUD (riderbar), then you can find the location of the sounds as well.
Different sounds have different icons whichalready listed above.

In addition, some faintsounds can not trigger the sound sign icon to display. The Rules of Survival isone game that you’ll want to play with the sound on at minimum- Or, ideally,with headphones if you want to use every piece of information the game givesyou. By the way, the sound of your teammates will not make any sign, that meansif the sign shows, enemies are approaching.

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