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Simple Trick to Reduce Lagg ( FPS Drop ) for Mobile ROS Users

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hello everyone out there, today ill teach you some tricks to reduce the lagg or for technical terms FPS Drop.

for some people who dont know what it is, FPS means Frames Per Second, generally for standard games they generate 30 Frames Per Second, and for modern games is 60+, you can compare it to your television refresh rates, if you use your camera on a TV, you can notice a line going down and down.

on the earlier versions of Rules Of Survival we can already set our settings to Excellent, but as the time goes down it went worst, now from Excellent to Power Saving.
but the good news now is that they have already taking a survey and an action, i hope that we will have a resolution on this asap.

but let me teach you some guides to easen the burden on our devices

note that this will not boost your FPS higher than 60 as it is depends on your GPU on your android device and it will always depend on the Developer to stabilize the Frame Rates

- Rooted Android Devices -
note* i will attached some youtube links so that it will be more easier to follow and if you miss some steps you can just playback it.

1. using L Speed ( this will make your android devices much faster and can boost your FPS a little bit to medium )
Link ~> L Speed just click here

2. then you tweak your device using GL Tools
Link ~> GL Tools click here

3. if you dont have enough RAM you can try this trick
Link ~> Click Here

4. i will recommend this trick to more technical person because of complicated scripts
using buildprop editor
Link ~> BuildProp Editor click here

- Non Root Devices -

1. Enable 4x MSAA devices, this will help boost your devices to render to the highest quality the game that you are playing
to enable this you need to activate the Developer Options on your Devices
to active developer options > Click Here <

2. buy a new Cellphone with higher RAM, Octacore with 2.0+ GHZ

if you have questions or you need more help, dont hesitate to send a Private Message to me.

Cheers and Enjoy!


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