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Rules of Survival Guide from the Master of Defense Fort

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The Landlord

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Zoe’s winning strategy channel! I’m Zoe, the master of Defense Fort.

As one of the first group of residents who entered the Defense Fort, I have many winning strategies to share with you today.

 1.    Firstly, let’s open the map and check the position of the Defense Fort.

The map’s center is located between the Defense Fort and Braide City. The Defense Fort’s position is lower than it. This is the geographical advantage of Air Defense Fort. It’s error-tolerate rate is higher than other resource bases. Wherever the maneuver signal reception area is, you will be able to arrive it soon. The rate of becoming a box after landing in the Defense Fort area is lower than popular landing area such as Echo Vally and Bitter Lake.

2.    Resource searching battle strategies

The yellow circle in the middle of the map has many resources. Veteran players can gather resources soon and transfer them. This area is too popular. Players can reach it by parachuting easily. So you’d better not land on the center area, otherwise you may meet other players be killed in the beginning. Currently, this game only has 2-player and 4-player team modes. The yellow area in Defense Fort can’t support a four-player team and might be able to support a two-player team. At the same time, you need to compete with other teams. Your teammates might be killed by them, which will weaken your team and go against your further competition. Therefore, you should not gather resources here.

In this case, houses around the Defense Fort become very important. This area is called Defense Fort area. One half is located in the southern area; the other is located in the northern area, that is, the red circle area. Please check the distribution of houses in the following picture.


Houses in the yellow area are centralized, while those in the red area are decentralized. If you are in a four-player team, I recommend you to choose the red area as your main landing area so that your teammates can support you within a short time and won’t be unable to shoot because of resource shortage. Besides, you will be able to find enemies easily because of its flat terrain.

However, if your teammates are good at shooting and have good cooperation, you can land two teammates in the yellow area and the other two in the red area. By doing this, your team will be able to get more resources and be good to your further competition.


(The visual angle of this picture is in the south of the Defense Fort.)


Now let’s analyze situations you might face while searching resources. Firstly, wear your earphones, because you will not be able to see any signs of enemies while you’re crouching or bending over the ground. In order to prevent enemies from ambushing behind your back or transferring near you, you should wear earphones to monitor your enemies. By doing this, you will not become a hapless box during the early stage of the game.

Secondly, most of houses in the Defense Fort are two-floor houses. If there are enemies upstairs, I suggest that you should not storm them. I don’t want to mention that once my 4-player team was killed by one upstairs enemy with a shotgun. If someone lands around a house with you at the same time, the one who reach the second floor first will have great advantage. Parachuting and landing on the balcony is a good choice. But if you want to land correctly and rapidly, you must practice many times. Players who land on high floor (including the second floor) will be able to crouch or run away by jumping from the balcony.

Check the above picture. The enemy is close to me. By wearing earphones, I find him haven’t left and want to go upstairs. I stand on the stair’s side and can view the whole situation of the stair.

Bang bang… The guy became a box on the stair. He must have been regretful for his action.


After collecting resources, the maneuver signal reception area is about to refresh. This moment is very important during the beginning stage of the game. Because most of players have been killed, the rest must be elites with good equipment. You must make sure that whether your surrounding is safe or not and return to the center of Defense Fort.


The center of Defense Fort is a basin. You should reach there rapidly and occupy a high position so that you can shoot enemies below, which is a great advantage. Then you should conduct your teammates to surround the Air Defense Fort and defeat enemies inside. If there are no enemies inside, you can let one of your teammates to confirm the amount resources to check whether your team needs to supply resources or not and then transfer to the maneuver signal reception area.


3.    Reverse Slope

Reverse slope means the side opposite from enemies. Standing on the reverse slope, you will be able to monitor your enemies and won’t be shot. By doing this, you will be more active while attacking enemies.

(This is an excellent reverse slope. Haha!)

(By utilizing the reverse slope, I killed two more enemies.)


This game’s key is utilizing the reverse slope. To be more active in battle, you must have a good vision by utilizing the reverse slope and always monitor enemies’ position.


4.    Guns

Different players have different preferences on guns. I like using the shotgun, which is a very powerful weapon in early stage’s melee as well as attacking and defending houses during the middle and later stage. The shotgun can deal great damage. By using it, you will be able to kill one nearby enemy by about one or two shots.



It is only be used in the Hand-to-hand combat in the beginning so I’m not going to talk about it.



Whatever guns you meet in the early stage, pick up and use it. If you have several Shotguns, I recommend you to use AA12 and M870. You can shoot consecutively without any other accessories using AA12. It can deal great damage and its error-tolerate rate is high. AA12 is good equipment for beginners. Veteran players can use M870 Shotgun. One bullet can deal about 20 Damage. But loading bullets will cost you some time. An M870 Shotgun with full accessories is amazing! Winchester 1887 is not suitable for common players. With a Two-bullet magazine, its error-tolerate rate is too low. You might be failed because a minor mistake.



Rifle is flexible. If you have enough time or abundant attachments in the early stage, M4A1 would be a good weapon. An M4A1 Rifle with full attachments is invincible. It can deal Crit Damage with an 8x Scope. Decent damage would also be dealt by a rifle with other Scopes.


Except for M4A1 and guns in the supply pack, AR15 is a unique gun that can be picked up and equipped with many attachments. When compared with M4A1, it has one less stock. AR15’s stable shooting performance and moderate damage dealt makes it a gun which can be used from beginning to end,


A well-known version of AKM is AK-47. This gun is powerful in every game. But big recoil is its disadvantage.


M249 and M14 can be received from the air-drop supply package. Let’s analyze the M14 first. It’s a mysterious weapon. Its Stats are average but not so powerful in current version. In the future, it might be considered as a kind of semi-auto snipe rifle. As an amazing rifle, M249 can contain more than 100 bullets. Your will be much easier to defeat enemies with more bullets.



As a gun with few bullets, PP19 is not powerful enough and not recommended. In the early stage of the game, it’s better than Pistol.


You can equip MP7 with a foregrip, which can increase its stability. Its error-stability rate will become higher while being equipped with the expanded magazine. If you want to increase its shooting accuracy, equip it with a Scope.


Thomson SMG doesn’t have a Scope. This is its disadvantage. However, accurate shooting is not its task. It is rifle and snipe rifle’s task. Its advantage is amazing! Its bottom grip brings it high stability. Besides, it can contain 45 bullets at the beginning and will be able to contain 60 bullets after being equipped with an expanded magazine. Come on! Kill your enemies with this amazing weapon!


Sniper Rifle:

There are two sniper rifles in this game, Barrett in the supply box and AWM. AWM’s damage per shoot is always about 30, which is lower than the rifle. It’s not suitable for common players. A Barrett with 8x Scope is invincible.



If you want to get more game strategies, you’d better explore it by yourself in game. As a veteran player who has played the game since its first test, I hope my experience can benefit both new players and veteran players. I’m going to finish this guide. Next time I will share more strategies and experience with you. See you! 


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