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Title: You have been muted. [Print this page]

Author: Muchus1000    Time: 2018-1-5 01:29
Title: You have been muted.
So yeah the title describes it, so I was logged off from my previous I was able to type something in World chat section and I was able to talk in game. And when I re-logged in to the game, somehow I got muted from chat to World chat section and unable to talk in game. However, I still can chat something on Team section in game and in lobby. Last thing I remember I used to chat to World section to find people who may interested to play squad ranked match. I see a lot of people who also spamming to find people to play with. So I did the same, but not too frequent. And I found the people who wants to play with me, I still can talk to that people.

Is it because I'm banned from chat and speak to other people publicly? If it does how long does the ban lasts?
It' hard to find people to play if you can't even type to World chat section.


Author: yth    Time: 2018-9-29 23:30
me too :<
need solution
Author: tyl.paco7    Time: 2019-5-1 13:43
me too :<
need solution

Author: ZyraKim    Time: 2019-11-2 15:02
Up.. Did the same and had the same result.

Any idea how long will the ban last?
Author: Kayaree    Time: 2021-8-29 12:03
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