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Permanent Banned, Hacked ESP 新人帖 New proGbalot10 Half hour(s) ago 02 proGbalot10 Half hour(s) ago
Someone is using my account without my permission, and my PC-Asia Character ... 新人帖 attach_img New ladrajhelai 4 hour(s) ago 414 ladrajhelai 3 hour(s) ago
training program problems 新人帖 New moremoney2 4 day(s) ago 326 pcmonitor 8 hour(s) ago
Special Training Program Issue New aceyork09 11 hour(s) ago 06 aceyork09 11 hour(s) ago
I have problem with my VIP8 ACC New Deian Yesterday 21:45 06 Deian Yesterday 21:45
Missing Diamonds 新人帖 New boomkaman1 Yesterday 19:50 07 boomkaman1 Yesterday 19:50
TRAINING BULLET PROBLEMS New moremoney2 Yesterday 08:56 012 moremoney2 Yesterday 08:56
Change sex 新人帖 attachment OnlySM 2018-4-17 62547 MilanIask Yesterday 07:19
Unbanned My Account Hamburger023 2018-4-1 24021 Okk Yesterday 05:04
No people found, but bots. 新人帖 New nakata001 The day before yesterday 15:16 010 nakata001 The day before yesterday 15:16
I CANT TOP-UP ON ROS BECAUSE I GOT BLOCKED BY PAYMENTWALL! PLS FIX IT!\ 新人帖 New takla2020 The day before yesterday 10:02 28 takla2020 The day before yesterday 10:07
Did not receive 60 diamonds and 1 Training Bullet 新人帖 attach_img New Myosotis The day before yesterday 05:42 08 Myosotis The day before yesterday 05:42
They said I was a cheater 新人帖 New ayvanloresma The day before yesterday 01:42 012 ayvanloresma The day before yesterday 01:42
Training base bug 新人帖 New Stipe12 3 day(s) ago 08 Stipe12 3 day(s) ago
Problem after I Top up USD 6.99 No email for 10bullets and other 新人帖 attach_img New bryanallen2514 3 day(s) ago 017 bryanallen2514 3 day(s) ago
Battle Royal App Store 新人帖 New AnthenShikra 3 day(s) ago 010 AnthenShikra 3 day(s) ago
Banned Permanently , HACK ESP arwin160 2020-2-7 6196 SanaAllNaLang 3 day(s) ago
Polls Join our facebook group to view more details about feedback - RoS -Prime Com... 新人帖 New kimcaraan123 3 day(s) ago 09 kimcaraan123 3 day(s) ago
band for hack 新人帖 New tamthefigthter 3 day(s) ago 016 tamthefigthter 3 day(s) ago
he teach to be a cheater 新人帖 New YEPMAN 4 day(s) ago 128 justinedave143 4 day(s) ago
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