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[Lag/Freeze Issue] Find an online store

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The Landlord
Anonymous  Post time 2022-8-21 09:06:33 Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
Lag/Freeze Issue
In-Game Name: a
Player ID: 12
Server: Mobile-Europe
Country: sas
Model of your Device: as
Network: wifi
How often does it lag/freeze: every game
Ping(ms): 222
The Locaiton of Lagging in game(optional): 12
Screenshot(optional): -
Good afternoon wanted to ask if it is possible to buy a good picture over the Internet I'm just not very knowledgeable about it?

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The Sofa
Anonymous  Post time 2022-8-31 11:50:45
I have not heard about the fact that you can buy paintings on the Internet, I'll try to look for something on the Internet if I can find something I will immediately write to you and let you know.
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The Bench
Anonymous  Post time 2022-9-1 12:04:22
I don't know, I only buy paintings from one online store. Here  . On this site a lot of good and interesting paintings, which for sure you will like. I have already bought one here I think you will also be able to find and pick something for yourself. Glad to be of help to you store really good there is a lot of new paintings can find a lot of action.
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